Restaurant Management System

A Restaurant Management System is an android or windows application that is builded with features and capabilities to help manage and operate your restaurant. There are certain features and benefits to consider while choosing the best and right restaurant management system such as, simple order taking, inventory control, quality reporting, table management, employee management, customer management, transaction management etc..and here you are at the right place for the best affordable restaurant management system ! There is a hotel management system that comes along with the above software which can help in facilitating easy hotel room reservation and other features like check-in and check-out etc. All reports can be generated as texts or graphs..

Textile Management

Textile Management is a windows application developed for managing your textile industry. This is one time purchase application. It has different modules for Stock Management and Trading, with a general login facility for user authentication. Stock Management includes stock statement, stock adjustment reports, sales statements, company wise product analysis, user audit and easy manageable reports. Trading includes data on all transactions and related services including, purchase management, credit note, bill copying/cancellation, debit note, payment and receipt vochers, journal entry etc. There are tools for company management, daily closing for secure transactions and back-up options for data security. All reports can be analysed in texts or graphs.

Tours and Travels

Tours and travels management system is an online application which provide easy and reliable way for a customer to book hotels, bus tickets, train tickets, flight tickets and tickets for desert safaris. The main objectives of this project are , i) to develop a system that automates the processes and activities of a travel agency, ii) to provide best travelling services to customers and travel agents, iii) to provide a search platform where a tourist can find their tour places according to their choices, iv) to provide a better way to connect with different cultures, events etc. Other features like visa services for visa registration, visa return, visa approval, along with other accounts services is also made under reach. Facilities for report analysation is also put up.


ERP is an online application which provides an intergrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using common databases maintained by a database management system. It is composed of different components which are, HR( Human Resources ), Inventory, Sales and Marketing, Purchase, Finance and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Engineering/Production and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The HR gives details about the staffs and other related information. Inventory is about stock updates, stock management and other stock reports. Finance and Accounting gives you complete details about every transaction done - which includes all purchases and sales and marketing. Management facilities are made available for Customer relations and Supply Chains.Any reports can be viewed as texts or via graphs as per the choice of the user. Android mobile app and web app are also available other than windows version.

Customized Software Solutions

We intend with great interest and enthusiasm to align your thoughts to bring your unique ideas to reality. We value our customers for their innovative and creative thinking and also for the trust they indulge in us. It is through step wise processes, that we develop and handle your ideas, which will help you in your journey to success. Our customized software solutions span across a wide range of innovative technological arenas :

i) Software product development

ii) Business software consulting

iii) Enterprise software development

iv) Business domain analysis for implementation of software. etc.

Hybrid Software Solutions

Hybrid Software Solutions provides you solutions at a multi-device and multi-platform level. It is built using web technologies, but it is truly a combination of elements of both native and web applications. We approach your business in way to incorporate ideal techniques so that our customers can concentrate on objectives and not administration. The hybrid methodologies can be applied to the full job or specific aspects of your project. According to ESI INTERNATIONAL 2015 TOP 10 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRENDS research, "..with many industries undergoing rapid changes, project management methods that allow for accelerated development and rapid learning will become critical to serving the business..." Hybrid is the future..!